What’s the Scoop on Hook and Loop Fasteners?

how hook and loop fasten

Who invented hook and loop fastener?

Originally hook and loop fasteners where invented in Switzerland by George de Mestral.

When was hook and loop Invented?

 In 1941 George sparked the idea when burrs kept sticking to his trousers. He was walking in the woods at the time.

Why is it called hook and loop?

This style of fastener refers to it’s original inventors idea, when a burr hooked onto his trouser pants walking in the woods.

Which side is hook and which is loop? 

The ruff side is hook, it sticks to soft things like a burr does, having little hooks. The loop side is soft textured a little like velour. It has little loops that create the soft surface.

 Why Velcro is called hook and loop?

Velcro a registered brand name originates from French words velours, associated with the words velvet and crochet. Crochet meaning hook relates to the hook side and loop to the velvet texture of loop.  So Velcro choose  a very meaning brand name that seems to stick in everyone’s mind. A lot of Velcro users don’t realize that Velcro® is only one for the registered trademark brands of hook and loop today.

Where can I buy hook and loop?

You can easily buy Velcro® from places like spotlight, bunnings, officeworks etc. It is a major brand and don’t forget your paying a high price for the licensing of that brand of hook and loop.

If you looking for hook and loop that will do the job and stick with a good grip we sell a black 50mm sticky adhesive tape here on our site. This tape as a good grip. We have customers that use this tape for all sorts of reasons.

Here are some shots one of our customers kindly sent in of her classroom boards!

There is a fabric board and the sticky adhesive of hook tape cut to size and  is attached to use_hook_at_schoolthe back of her studens lovely work. The hook side sticks then to the fabric board.

Nice and easy to show off all her students work.

Easy to change the board for the next project or term!





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