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Bronze Renaissance Upholstery Studs


100 Bronze Renaissance Studs/Tacks/Nails

Made in Germany

9.5cm Diameter Head

16mm Shank

These Upholstery Studs/Nails are of high quality and used by the upholster trade every day for restoration and re upholstering furniture




Perfect Tacks/Tacs for

  • Any Studded look
  •   Leather Lounges
  •   Shabby Chic Chairs
  •   Dining/Kitchen Chairs
  •   Arty or Crafty Projects

Use Quality Upholstery Studs/Nails to Make Your Job Easier

Get the professional Look on Your Make Overs – Ideal for ….

  •   Stools
  •   Chairs
  •   Leather or Vinyl
  •   Arty or Crafty Projects