7 Steps to Recliner Cable Replacement

Which Recliner Cable

Chair Lounge or Sofa DIY

When your recliner cable needs replacing , turning your chair upside down and buying a replacement cable and handle is the most economical solution. If your not sure about fitting reading the steps below and watching the video can fill you with some confidence so read further…

Tools required:- Philips screw driver or drill bit

Step 1 – Remove Hook

  • Turn recliner upside down... and open the recliner arm. Pull the recliner arm mechanism backwards and take out the hook from the opener (that is the hook at the end of the tail of your cable). Your cable may have springs or it may just be exposed wire.
Hook at the end tail of cable

Step 2 – Plastic Clips

Recliner Cable Plastic Clip at beginning of tail
  • Find the plastic clips and pull on them so that they come out of the recliner arm unit.

Step 3 – plastic clips

  • Find the plastic clips and pull on them so that they come out of the recliner arm unit.

Step 4 – Remove Screws

  • Now turn your recliner on the side and remove the screws in the recliner cup handle.

Step 5 – Remove Old Cable

  • pull out the handle and the entire cable attached which includes the tail and hook you just loosened on the underside.

Step 6 – Place New Cable in Handle Position

  • Now take your new recliner cable and place the new cable into the hole where the old handle used to sit and feed through until the recliner handle can sit in place as the old one originally did. Now move where the dustcover is to pull through the cable at the other end and begin to pull it through to position

Step 7 – Screw & Clip into Place

  • where the old one was originally. Now move where the dustcover is to pull through the cable at the other end and begin to pull it through to position it where the old cable was. Leave it hanging loose for now and go back to the handle and put the screws in to keep the handle in place.

Test Your Chair

  • Once the handle is screwed into place again, you can turn your armchair or lounge upside down again. Move the recliner mechanism back to open position and then find the plastic clip (which is at the start of the tail of your cable). Push the plastic clip into place in the position on the recliner arm where you removed
    the original one. Now Push back the little arm part, so you can easily see the hole to hook your tail end hook into.
  • Now your done! It is always easier to watch how to do this so I recommend to watch the video below.

Where to Buy Recliner Cables

Recliner Cables are available online, repair shops or upholstery stores. You can save money and buy online It can be easy to do it yourself!

Cable recliner replacement parts which are separate or split from the handle are available to purchase but may only last for a shorter period of time due to tension ratio.

“Buyer review statistics show the 50% of buyers replacing the handle only find the handle breaks within a short period or the cable breaks after the handle is replaced.”

Recliner pull cables including the chair handle have a habit of breaking at tension points. It’s almost like the recliner chairs are designed to break at cable level rather than at some other point in the chair.

The handles also have tension springs, and if the tension on the cable is too tight, the handles will break.

Replace Your Entire Recliner Chair Pull Cable Plus Handle with One Mechanism

At our website we only stock quality products that the upholstery trade will use. We carry branded recliner cable replacement cables that are connected to handle (cup) at manufacture. We don’t stock the handle separately or the cable separately.
Often a repairer will replace the entire mechanism rather than chance a customer returning in a few weeks to a month. We recommend products a professional furniture replacement repairer would use to repair a recliner chair or sofa and we recommend the capro and extended travel recliner replacement cables that are one complete mechanism.

Sofa Recliner Cables

Usually these cables measure approx. 90cm long. Each stock supplier will have their own way of measuring your cable length. For instance some measures include the hook tail and others only measure the exposed wire.

The best way is to check your cable tail is to undo the hook in your chair or sofa and measure the tail of your own cable. That way you can leave most of the cable in the recliner till you have your replacement in hand. This makes it easier to see where the new on fits.

The tail measurement is the one that really counts. If your plastic part of the cable is longer than you need you can always wrap it around something in the chair. If your tail is too long it wont have the right tension for pulling.

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