How To Attach Sliders to Zipper

Once you get the hang of putting your first few sliders on to your continuous zipper, it becomes easy. Here are my simple instructions… How to Use: 1. Measure the length your require – you can add an extra cm for in case especially for your first time. 2. Cut your zipper – 3. Separate […]

Upholstery Fabric versus Regular Fabric Prints

I recently used a regular print fabric for a recover of Mid Century Vintage armchairs. Instead of paying $200 for a quality woven fabric, I paid $20 a meter $25.00. The fabric was woven, however thin compared to upholstery fabric, however the price did suit the budget. I was happy to go with a funky […]

7 Steps to Recliner Cable Replacement

Which Recliner Cable

Chair Lounge or Sofa DIY1 Chair Lounge or Sofa DIY1.1 Step 1 – Remove Hook1.2 Step 2 – Plastic Clips1.3 Step 3 – plastic clips1.4 Step 4 – Remove Screws1.5 Step 5 – Remove Old Cable1.6 Step 6 – Place New Cable in Handle Position1.7 Step 7 – Screw & Clip into Place1.8 Test Your […]

What’s the Scoop on Hook and Loop Fasteners?

how hook and loop fasten

Who invented hook and loop fastener?1 Who invented hook and loop fastener?2 When was hook and loop Invented?3 Why is it called hook and loop?4 Which side is hook and which is loop?  5  Why Velcro is called hook and loop?6 Where can I buy hook and loop? Originally hook and loop fasteners where invented […]

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