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Recliner Cable Replacement


Find out how to replace your recliner, you will need a Philips head screw driver to undo the old handle and put the new one in. You will also want to  turn your armchair upside down to access the old cable to unhook it and unclip the plastic connector to read more see recliner handle and cable replacement in 7 easy steps 

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Plastic Cup Handle Measurement:

11.5cm wide

7cm Height

3.8cm Depth

All the Capro plastic handles for the recliner chairs measure as above. There is a choice of  Black or Walnut. Black is a standard colour and the walnut is a brown wood grain colour.

Additional information

Capro Recliner Handle & Cable

Walnut 9.5cm Tail 80cm Cable, Walnut 6.5cm Tail – 70cm Cable, Black 6.5cm Tail – 70cm Cable, Black 9.5cm Tail 80cm Cable