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Upholstery Seat Foam High Density 50cm x 50cm Select Size & Grade Dunlop


Cushion Replacement Foam by Dunlop

Choose between Grades of High Density Foam (MA29) or Enduro Foam (En36) with a 10 Year Warranty.

High Density Foam MA29

  •  Firm foam ideal for Seating for lounges or occasional chairs
  •  A firm yet comfortable foam made by Dunlop in Australia
  •  Supportive durable to some extent although we recommend Enduro foam for furniture that has a high use

Enduro EN36 10 Year Warranty

  •  Enduro foam made by Dunlop is manufactured in Australia to last thus they back their foam purchase  with a 10 year warranty for bedding applications and lifetime warranty for furniture use
  • It is super comfy while of made of high density foam it has a touch of softness, with bounce and resilience for support.
  • It would be one of the best foam grades available to seating and ideal for sofas, couches, feature chairs or lounge replacement cushions retaining its shape for longer periods
  • Meets minimum safety standards
  • Ignition resistant to AS/NZS 3744.1
  • Contains the antimicrobial treatment Ultra-Fresh
  •  To read further information see Dunlop Manufacture
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How To Determine What Size Foam Cushion Insert?

Foam we have for sale is pre cut to ensure a nice square finish. This makes it the ideal foam cushion insert for replacing those
sagging seat cushions. All you need to do is unzip you cushion cover, measure you size.

  •  Length
  •  Height
  • Thickness

If you cushion is ultra saggy, you can even measure the fabric from seam to seam. This will ensure a tight fit
lounge cushion.

It is surprising how a new piece of foam inserted into your old lounge cushion cover can instantly increase comfort and support in seconds!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 5 × 43 cm
Foam Grade

EnduroEN36, High DensityMA26


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