How To Attach Sliders to Zipper

Once you get the hang of putting your first few sliders on to your continuous zipper, it becomes easy.

Here are my simple instructions…

How to Use:

1. Measure the length your require – you can add an extra cm for in case especially for your first time.

2. Cut your zipper –
3. Separate and cut the left side(front) at a diagonal as per photo in listing –
4. Place slider on at base the right side first – Gently place the base of your slider in position and pull onto zipper
5. Next Put the lefts side of your slider base onto left side of zipper which is cut on diagonal to make it easier to put the base on left side of slider on.
Highly Recommended : Cutting the left front of the zipper to a diagonal just makes it easier to place you slider on.
It can be bit tricky the first time you put the sliders on but once you get the hang of it you will find it easy.
We always measure a few extra cm in the metres so you can cut any zipper you may fray by accident if it is your first time. To buy zipper online see our shop continuous zipper products

After you have attached your zipper slider  then you can
sew the e
nd of the zipper across at the bottom
when in your item ….well you know how it works

If you are still unsure or finding difficulty , you can watch the video below…this is another slightly different  method:


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