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Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape 50mm

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[tabs style=”boxed”] [tab title=”Uses”]You cut  your hook & loop  to the size you need for project keeping it together…then I take the paper off one side and attach one side… once attached then remove the other paper and stick your top layer.
Hook an Loop Fastener or velcro a brand name for the tape is great for attaching rugs to carpet, musicians equipment,  photography or an project [/tab] [tab title=”Quantity Available”]Quantity of 1 – includes 1 metres of Hook side plus 1 Metre of Loop side of tape and is adhesive on both sides , you can order as many metres as you need we send it as a continuous strip [/tab][/tabs]


Stick on adhesive Hook and Loop tape is so handy to have at home,.

I have used it to

  • secure a table top,
  • stick fly screens
  • stop a hall rug from slipping
  • make a lounge slip cover

Customers have used it to:

  • make a drum board and stick drum pedals
  • changing photography backgrounds
  • attach a Tv or sound remote – so you always know where it is
  • stop cushions on chairs or lounges from moving
  • hanging art or photos to a wall or notice board see Jenna’s classroom here