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Folding Utility Knife – “AirCo” Comes with Pouch & Blades

This stainless steel Utility knife comes with 1 blade in the knife and 5 blades in a spring loaded box plus a pouch. You can easily clip this folding knife onto your utility belt without the pouch using the clip or using the pouch. The knife is very strong, great to hold and safely locks open to cutting position or locks down into folding position. It is a well designed utility knife by airco.
“Stainless Steel”

Spring loaded blade storage holder

Ergonomic cutting angle – “works well”

Folding rugged design lock

Easy blade change – push black button release for fast blade change,

Perfect for cutting lino, packing, all the things you want a ultility knife that
you can carry in a pouch or on your belt

Rubber/silicon red thumb pad for comfort

Supplied with 6 Standard 2 notch blades – 5 in spring loaded blade holder and 1 In the knife.